Welcome to Plumb.

Thank you for your support dining and drinking out during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Cocktail Club

Dining In

We are not currently offering dine-in service. We are offering to-go items on Fridays. We have special offers for offices ordering 2+ meals.


Super soft oyster hoodie with the Oyster Logo on the front and the Plumb Logo displayed centered on the rear with gold ink. 50/50 Sponge Fleece NAFTA Friendly: 100% USA Cotton Printed locally in Troy, New York




Plumb Oyster Bar was established in 2016.

Plumb Oyster Bar serves classic cocktails, farm to table dishes, and fresh oysters. Plumb Oyster Bar is owned by Heidi Knoblauch. Heidi left her successful academic career out of a love for the hospitality industry. We opened our doors at the end of 2016 and have been on the most fantastic ride of our lives ever since. Before opening Plumb Oyster Bar, Heidi Knoblauch received her Ph.D. in History from Yale University. Her dissertation was on clinical photography in 19th and early 20th century America. After receiving her Ph.D. she taught at Bard College. She fell in love with Troy when she was a student at Emma Willard and oysters when she lived in Brooklyn, NY where she lived before returning to Troy.